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New Authors: Please click the 'Register' link from the menu above and enter the requested information. Upon successful registration you will be sent an email with instructions on how to verify your registration.
Note: If you have received an email from us with an assigned user ID and password, DO NOT REGISTER AGAIN. Just log in to the system as 'Author'.
Authors: Please refer to the Instructions for Authors (follow the `Instructions for Authors' link in the menu above) for details and additional information on how to prepare your manuscript to meet the journal's requirements. Please log in to the system as 'Author' and then submit your manuscript and track its progress through the system.
Note: You must submit a single PDF file for the purpose of peer review. If your article is accepted, our publishing team would request for the complete source file
Returning Author: Please use the provided username and password to log in as 'Author' and track your manuscript or submit a NEW manuscript. (Do not register again as you will then be unable to track your manuscript).
Reviewers: Please log in to the system as 'Reviewer'. You may view and/or download manuscripts assigned to you for review, submit your comments for the editors and the authors, and track the progress of your manuscripts through the system.
Note: Please click the 'Accept' or 'Decline' button as soon as possible after receipt of the email asking you to review a manuscript.
To Change your Password: Log in to the system and select 'Edit Profile' from the menu above and follow the directions.
Any further Questions? Please click the 'CONTACTS' link.
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